Showbox Video Creator
Video Creation Engine for Brands and Platforms
About The Product
The technology of is really special. The product helps users to create professional video without using any sophisticated tools. With this technology brands and platforms can give their customers the opportunity to create the video content for their goals.

The product is adapting for the specific customer's goals and brand's needs. All of them have their own JTBD. And video creation can help to do this 'job' for their customers.
Create the quality video-content without
professional tools
The cycle of integration to a brand / a platform
The landing pages are created for engagement with a brand. The UI design of them is based on a brand's / a platform's needs. Every business can use the video creation tool for it's own goal. For example ZipRecruiter is the job-searching platform. They are using the video creation tool for getting testimonials of their customers.
The landing page for ZipRecruiter
The Process of Video Creation
In the center of the video is a self-recording. The usual problem of the self-recording is the non-professional impression. So the goal was to create the universal recorder that could solve this problem and fit every platform or brand.
The UI has to be minimalistic to decrease the effect of a foreign part. Even with simple creation of a video, the process of creating sophisticated video still consists of a lot user interaction.
The prototype of refreshed UX was created in the working progress. There is the opportunity to use the full feature set of

- the uploading the media files;
- the synchronization of the media with the video sequence;
- the teleprompter;
- the voice-over;
- virtual studio.

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