Dangerous Knives
Medieval Weapons production and selling
Dangerous Knives is production and selling fake weapons for role games, shows, plays, and movies. The products are benign and can't be called weapon. But it's a real craft made by professional smith.
All the swords, knives, and sibers are producted pasiontly to reconstruct real fight conditions.
The idea, concept and realisation was really simple and cool. The website make customers feel themselves calm and to dive the specific atmosphere of danger in the same time.
Only Sword and nothing else.
+ UX/UI Designer
+ Visual Designer

+ First and unique weapon online store
+ Website with gamification user experience
To sell fake weapon but make customers feel like real warriors
Imagine warriors on the fight field. Even if it is reconstruction it feels real for them, these knights are living the moment. We wanted to show that we are producing real hardware, not toys. At the same time, we had to stand with community standards and couldn't tell that our products are dangerous. So how to nail all these conditions?
Concept of single-page solution
Simple and sharp
I decided to create a simple website with a tactical role-playing game allusion. All the attention of the user is concentrating on the product. Only a sword and nothing else. I wanted this gamified UI to take the user to the feeling of preparation to fight of the life. Everything a knight needs to know about a weapon is there, you need only touch the sword.
Everything a knight needs to know about a weapon is there, you need only touch the sword
I wanted to show all the information about a knife in a simple but elegant way. So I've decided to play with overlay. In UI we usually want to do it as simple and clean as possible but I took a risk. I knew that the users will arrive at this website are 'playing-with-fire' people, so I gave them to apply their curiosity and explore.
The website we get is bringing Dangerous Knives selling to the next level. The digital product we built is very special: simple, functional, and recognizable. The code is very simple and response time is very short and it gives good conversion numbers. Despite the original idea of single page online store we decided to move forward with multipage structure. So now we have four types of pages.
Other Pages:
+ About Us;
+ Checkout;
+ Terms and Conditions;
+ Contacts.
The goal is not to loose the customer before he decides to push Checkout button. So the natural solution was not to do shopping cart page, but just to show the process of purchasing the product. So the cart window is just sliding from the right side of the screen after the click to Buy Now button.
It's very easy to be different, but very difficult to be simple
Some mobile screens
Part of 'symbols and states' library
You can check dangerousknives.com to see in live
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