Dangerous Knives
Medieval Weapons production and selling
The Idea
This website is designed for selling weapons for role games.
The idea was to create the cool and simple single-page
e-commerce website with special bright accents. Such graphic decision helps customers to feel themselves calm and to dive the specific atmosphere of danger in the same time.

So the first solution was sharp: "Only SWORD and nothing else".
Concept of single-page solution
After prototyping the first concept, the decision to find more flexible solution was taken:

- more compact;
- easier in development;
- lighter in internet trafic point.
Switcing information process
The goal is not to loose the customer before he decides to push Checkout button. So the natural solution was not to do shopping cart page, but just to show the process of purchasing the product.

So the cart window is just sliding from the right side of the screen after the click to Buy now button.
Other Pages
Even with 'one central page' website solution there are some important pages:

- About Us;
- Checkout;
- Terms and Conditions;
- Contacts.

It's very easy to be different, but very difficult to be simple
Part of 'symbols and states' library
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