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Armstreet is the unique company that is producing custom Medieval and Fantasy armour, clothing, costumes, armory and accessories. The company exists since 2001 and is growing every day. They get orders around the world and create complicated unique armour sets by clients' measurements.

Armstreet wants to be an influencer in LARP industry. They needed to engage with the existing clients and attract new customers. They also wanted their managers spend less time to customer support and reduce numbers of mistakes during order process. So we created new digital medieval environment for selling the products with new features for better user experience.
+ Researcher
+ Product Designer
+ UX/UI and Visual Designer

+ New Web & Mobile Experience
+ Fewer Users' Mistakes
+ More Satisfied Clients
+ Better Engagement

To make Armstreet ranked first in the industry
How do people know who we are? If some features of our appearance, movements, or the way we talk or even dress stand out, we are much more recognizable in a crowd. The same is true for brands and platforms: the digital face of a brand needs a distinctive voice.
So we needed to create an original fantasy environment for selling products and social activities. was supposed to be not just a regular online store, but a special safe space for all fairytale lovers. The questions was: is it possible to connect medieval spirit with top-notch digital technologies?
A huge advantage to work with Armstreet was their obsession with the topic. They are producing products they love and LARP world is a huge part of the entire life or history of every single manager in the company. So they actually have been participating in creation of this fairytale world. The only thing I needed was to find the right methods to design the digital product.

–°ustomer support is a huge part of the product. Every item they produce is unique and buying their apparel introduces you to a community, so the customers are very loyal. I decided to use this advantage and use all the information the team gathered about their clients to get fully prepared for the user research.
+ Product Learning
+ User Profile
+ Persona
+ Choosing Method
+ Pilot
How to satisfy the users?
The research results gave me a better understanding of Armstreet's customers feelings. It helped me to recognize the points could frustrate them or interrupt their interaction. So I identified the most painful problems:
+ Users got lost. If they don't know which item exactly they need;
+ Users made mistakes during order process. A lot of options to choose and information to input.
+ Customers didn't feel involved to the community.
After the problems were identified I picked user scenarios that have led to frustration and/or mistakes. The most problematic ones were:
+ finding the right product;
+ measuring themselves correctly;
+ inputing the information correctly;
+ posting themselves on our official blog and social networks.
Armstreet sitemap
We had to find a way to lead the clients to an item that could satisfy them. That means we need to reorganize all the categories, build new catalog structure, and create new user journeys from all possible situations to the right purchase. Clients came to with different purposes and from different places. Sometimes they know what exactly they need, sometimes they feel like buying something for themselves or for their family. New catalog structure would be helpful to find the item you need. The system of suggested items and filters by characteristics will lead to the item you dream about.
You can find the item fits your request on any stage. It's enough to know that you need a fantasy wedding dress or to have the a picture of the red boots made of skin. You can come from a Facebook friend's comment about the festival or from a Google request: the navigation and suggestions will lead you to a product page. For some occasion a basic model could be good enough and an option to buy an item from stock will be faster and cheaper. Sometimes it has to fit perfectly. So there is the option to choose custom variation with the opportunity to create a unique combination of materials and colors for your unique body and character.
Product Page
Simple and clear product page with an accent on product presentation. Picking colors and a materials combination and inputting own measurements for custom production.

Bridesmaid Dress "Secret Garden"
The main graphic line is built on squares. All the parts of the design system consist of squares, from the elements to models. This could be very obvious but with the unique magical subject in the center, it works well. The first look and scroll show the most important points of interest enough to make the order. An additional information and suggested items user can find below only if the product is not good enough to purchase right now.
Product Page Wireframe
Product Page UI
UX of Custom Item Order
After we processed the survey's results we decided to give the clients more freedom to order the apparel. We had more than two thousand possible combinations of colors, materials and ribbon variations, so we decided not to throw our clients into The Paradox of Choice.
This way our costume designers had chosen the combinations could work the best for our client and not be so trite. I designed the UX that could help to complete the process and give a good feeling. I wanted the users to feel that every one of them is a creative person with excellent taste.
The process of making custom materials and colors combinations
To make measurements is a boring and irritating process. Armstreet deals a lot with refound cases because of these mistakes. A simple process is easy if you know exactly what to do. If it is your first time, measuring yourself and inputing all of the parameters is a huge field for making mistakes. That was exactly How To Measure Yourself guide purpose. I created the guideline to train customers. Nice, but nobody reads guidelines. Below you will find the gif shows the interactive way to measure yourself and fill out the right field.
Full measurements library of Armstreet
Every person is beautiful and special. After you figured out how to measure yourself you have to put proper numbers to the right fields (some armor sets have 17 bullets). This is an exhausting and irritating process. Surely, it is better to do this job just once.
Users have the opportunity to create sets for himself, family and friends. That also helped a lot to reduce the amount of managers' time spent on this issue.

Fifteen years ago it started from one tunic, but now this is almost thousand of different items. "Fantasy and Medieval" topic involve lots of style variations and period variations. Armstreet creates more than clothing, it creates the whole world.
Collections were created to help customers with a choice. There are nineteen collections on the website (2017). Every collection is about special historical period or fantasy topic. Customer can build a fully unique look using variations of items from one collection. And the system of smart items tip will help to choose stuff to look just stunning! A collection can consist of up to 20 items. For example, The Alchemist's Daughter Collection comprises dress, bodice, boots, bag, and accessories. And the King of the East Collection goes in twenty armor pieces.
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